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Carpet Construction Testing

ITTS offers a full range of construction and physical testing including but not limited to:

  • Pile weight (ASTM D-418)
  • Total weight (ASTM D-418)
  • Primary backing weight (ASTM D-418)
  • Secondary backing weight
  • Latex backing weight
  • Primary backing ID (ASTM D-629)
  • Secondary backing ID (ASTM D-629)
  • Pile thickness (ASTM D-418)
  • Tuft Height (ASTM D-418)
  • Pile height (Penetrator gauge)
  • Yarn blend determination (ASTM D-629)
  • Stitches/rows per inch (ASTM D-418)
  • Gauge/pitch (ASTM D-418)
  • Tuft bind (ASTM D-1335)
  • Delamination (ASTM D-3936)
  • Tensile Strength (ASTM D-2646)
  • Edge rave
  • Loop pile run resistance



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